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Blood alcohol and breath alcohol unit converter

When it comes to converting alcohol units of measurement, the task is not an easy one due to the fact that some countries have different Breath to Blood Ratio. Our conversion tool allows you to easily and quickly convert alcohol measures in blood or air, depending on the BBR of the country.

This converter is also intended for professionals who calibrate breathalyzers. Indeed, when you calibrate breathalyzers, you have to indicate the reference concentration of the alcohol solution you use. Depending on the unit of the solution (mg/L, %BAC etc.) and the units used in the calibration software, you may need to convert the data.
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About Olythe

Founded in 2013, Olythe is an innovative company specialized in volatile organic compounds analysis. We developed OCIEngine, a miniaturized and patented infrared spectroscopy technology offering accuracy and reliability. We are located in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France. Our sensors are made in France.


R&D, Infrared optics

Thermodynamics / Aeraulics

Electronics / Software

Mechanical engineering


Production / Manufacturing

Prototypes & series


4 PCT patents published



Unique know-how in the
miniaturization of NDIR
spectroscopy technology


Compliant NF EN 16280

Compliant NF EN 15964
(accuracy and repeatability chapters)



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