Calibration software for OCIGO

Our OCIGO breathalyzers are metrological tools that need, at least once a year, to be verified in order to ensure their accuracy and reliability.

OCICal to verify and ajust OCIGO performances

OCICal is a software developed by Olythe exclusively for use with our OCIGO breathalyzers. It allows to verify the good functionning of the OCIGO by checking the drift of measures, in order to maintain the accuracy and reliabilty of the device.

How OCICal works ?

The OCIGO verification process is done in 3 steps :

  1. Perform a series of 10 tests with the OCIGO using an air pump and a 0.25mg/L alcoholic solution. Make sure to note down each result precisely.
  2. Report the 10 measurements taken in the OCICal software.
  3. Follow the instructions of the software according to the results.

Depending on the results of the measurements, the software will guide you in the process to follow.

  • If the measurements are good, you will be able to update the calibration date.
  • If one measurement shows a drift, the software will allow you to calibrate the device by readjusting the precision of the coefficient.
  • Finally, if several measurements show drifts, the software will guide you to contact the Olythe technical service.

A training course to certify your abilities

Calibration is a fairly meticulous process that must be carried out with the utmost care, especially with OCIGO. Indeed, they are made of an infrared sensor that communicates with the other elements in an electronic way. A bad manipulation could damage it. To ensure that you are able to calibrate the devices, we train you beforehand and deliver you a certification once this training is validated.

For this training, we send you a package that include the items you will need to practice:

  • 2 OCIGO
  • 1 dedicated moutpiece
  • 1 connecting piece
  • 1 alcohol solution
  • The complete calibration process guideline

If you want to convert your BAC to BrAC or vice versa, use our alcohol unit converter. It considers the BBR of each country and provides a very accurate conversion!