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OCISense Breath

NDIR Gas Sensors to measure Volatile Organic Compounds in exhaled air. 

NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) gas sensors represent a major breakthrough in medical diagnostics, particularly for the measurement of volatile organic compounds in exhaled air. This revolutionary technology enables fast and accurate detection of specific gases, offering early diagnosis possibilities for respiratory, metabolic and infectious diseases. The enhanced sensitivity and reliability of NDIR sensors provide health professionals with a valuable tool for more personalized and effective disease management, simplifying patient follow-up.



Customized NDIR exhaled air sensors


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Our expertise:
breath analysis

The patented breath analysis system developed by Olythe guarantees precise and reliable results comparable to those obtained by law enforcement’s breathalyzers.

The exhaled air is sent into a measuring tank traversed by infrared radiation produced by the optical transmitter. Part of the radiation is absorbed by the molecules present in the tank enabling a precise calculation of the concentration.


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Mastery of production and manufacturing

All of our sensors are assembled and manufactured entirely in France in our own production unit. This allows us to have total control over our know-how.

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