NDIR gas analysis sensors

Infrared spectroscopy, a unique and high performance technology

Since 2013, Olythe is specialized in the analysis and measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in air by infrared spectroscopy. We offer a range of gas sensors that use our patented miniturized spectroscopy infrared technology and that can be integrated into a large range of systems.

Our sensors are made in France and provide fast, accurate and reliable measurements of ethanol (C2H5OH), ethylene (C2H4), acetone (C3H6O), carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (HN3), methane (CH4) and other gases.


2022 : 14 employees

A dedicated team of engineers to meet your custom needs.


Infrared optics
Thermodynamics / aeraulics
Mechanical engineering

Production / Manufacturing
Prototypes & series


4 PCT patents published
Trademarks, designs
Unique know-how in the miniaturisation of NDIR spectroscopy technology

OCIEngine Ethanol

Analyze ethanol molecules in human breath

Our expertise : the non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy

A non-dispersive infrared sensor consists of a detector that measures the amount of infrared light at a specific wavelength that is absorbed by a sample. An infrared light passes through the chamber to the detector. The gas of interest causes an absorption of energy at a specific wavelength. This attenuation is measured by the detector to determine the concentration of the gas. The detector is preceded by a bandpass optical filter that eliminates all other wavelengths that the selected gas molecules may absorb.

What are its advantages ?

• Few interferents
• Long term accuracy
• No sensor wear/drift
• No deterioration due to gas exposure

Applications areas


Various biomarkers present in the exhaled air enable the detection of diseases and intoxications. OCIEngine can measure some of these biomarkers such as ethanol and acetone.


Our sensors analyze key gases during the production process of fruits and vegetables. Ethylene, CO2 or oxygen must be constantly monitored during the ripening, harvesting, storage and transport of fruits and vegetables to avoid any quality deterioration.


Our sensors allow us to remotely monitor certain parameters of patients under care.

You have a project that requires the integration of a high performance gas sensor?

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